A Cold 34 In Houston

Another cold and frigid day is upon us in the city of Houston, but our Jammys keep us warm none the less.  Things are looking up for this lonely little blog though (I say this as I see the zero stats for today in traffic)!  My lovely little buddy Gabe has agreed to write a new section dedicated to music hardware.  On top of that he will be attending NAMM (The North American Music Merchants show) convention coming up this summer so expect an exclusive Jammy article on that.  I also have another article coming up on a local Houston visual artist and her paintings so expect good things.

One note I do want to stress though is that I would like you guys to subscribe!  Tell your friends, family, wife, husband, kids and grandma to get on this because we’re going places.  All of us!

Bring out the Jammys!

Pick 1: Gorillaz – Aspen Forest

Ah, the new Gorillaz album.  This one actually came as a little bit of a suprise.  It seems that the Gorillaz squeezed in the time to record this entire album during their North American tour.  They have also stressed (I’m assuming because of some promotional deal with Apple) that they have used the Apple iPad extensively to create this album.  This piece in particular is my favorite but honestly all the tracks are pretty strong.

Pick 2: Kid Loko – Theme From The Graffiti Artist (Suburban Dream Remix)

The composition of this track is hauntingly beautiful.  Kid Loko, the original composer of the piece has commented on the remix as a worthy and welcome contribution to his sound.

Until next time my Jammies.



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