Grey Skies Plus Good Music

Although the sky is grey today, good music is all around us.  Welcome back and thank you for visiting on day 3 of PutYourJammies on.  Before I get into the picks for today I just want to remind you this is a very experimental stage for this site.  In a few months I will register it with an official domain and during that time a categories section will be developed and expanded.  Also, I hope to add a handful of my friends to the mix and give them their own sections to write about.  So, with this being said, I strongly encourage you to comment or email me with any suggestions for the direction of this site.  Its not really so much about me as it is what you want to see.  On to the music!

Pick 1: Phantogram – As Far As I Can See

I love Phantogram’s style of sampling in this piece.  It tastes like breakbeat but smells like some poppy EDM.  The airy vocals have a very nice presence as well.

Pick 2: Jamie of the XX ft. Gil Scott-Heron – NY Is Killing Me

This rework if NY Is Killing Me (Gil Scott-Heron) boasts a hypnotizing rhythm and very interesting sampling.  Again, as previously stated about the other Jamie XX piece, I would recommend this to the disk jockeys out there (It sounds pretty damn good slowed down by about 15% too, but I’m just partial to screw).

Until tomorrow my fellow Jammies, stay warm.



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