Remix Contest and a 3 Day Weekend

Finally, the three day weekend has arrived.  God bless you Dr. King!  The weekend has also come with some exciting news for all of you producers/dj’s out there.  Toro Y Moi is hosting a remix contest for his new single Still Sound and the individual tracks can be found at the contest site (link posted below).  I wish you all the best of luck and I will be submitting an entry hopefully this weekend which I will post up there and here as well.  Special thanks to Willy P. Nilly for pointing this contest out!  Time to get our Jammies on!

Pick 1: The Qiwu Selftet – Introduction

The Qiwu Selftet was a project released with the aim of paying homage to the sun through the medium of music.  These two Jammie Picks are actually from the same album.  They both feature unique and stylish sampling techniques with a groovy hip-hop feel.  Honestly the beat production reminds a bit of the work done by the group People Under The Stairs (if you haven’t heard them, check out the talented Philly duo).  The next track below shares the same style as above with a bit more of a relaxed tempo.

Pick 2: The Qiwu Selftet – Kora

I have also added the original track for the Toro Y Moi remix contest below.  Check it out for some inspiration and get on that remix!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and in inspiring one at that.  See you tomorrow fellow Jammies!

Bonus: Toro Y Moi – Still Sound


Remix Contest Link:



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