Zodiacs Are A Changin’

I’m really not going to even get into what seems to be the topic of conversation lately (mainly because I haven’t taken the time to understand it), but apparently some new developments have led to the creation/rotation of a zodiac.  Anyways, the only reason I bring this up is because it brings us to the inspiration for our first Jammie Pick of the Day!  Portland, Oregons very own StarFucker has just released a new and mighty catchy Jammie called Born.  I bring this track into spotlight to accent the topic of conversation as apparently these zodiac changes only apply to newborns, and of course the song is just damn good.  Commence Jammie!

Pick 1: StarFucker – Born

Selfishly, I have picked both of these songs to listen to lately as they are somewhat in the same style as how I would like to approach Toro Y Moi’s Still Sound remix.  The redeeming factor is that they are none the less both great tracks and hold the possibility of top 100-50 ratings for the 2011 year (Already!).  So, this brings us to our next Jammie which is a remix of Blackbird Blackbird’s Hawaii by Chrome Sparks.

Pick 2: Blackbird Blackbird – Hawaii (Chrome Sparks Remix)

Hawaii was a notably popular single for 2010 and its replay value has been heightened furthermore by this tasteful and contributive remix by Chrome Sparks (He made the track downloadable through SoundCloud so just snag it off the link above!)

I’m very happy to see the interest growing article by article.  I just hope we can all develop an awesome community to share some tasty Jammies.  Stay classy Jammies.


Zodiac Article Link: http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpp/news/weird/110113-zodiac-change-thanks-a-lot-science


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