Interesting NAMM Developments

I have been following the developments of NAMM as far as DJ’ing goes and there are some intriguing new players on the field.  The additions include everything from software VST’s that slices and dices beats in novel new ways to a brand new MIDI control based guitar that has its eyes on making some serious waves.  Expect more developments from the talented Ean Golden bringing us the frontline in NAMM news.  Some embedded videos featuring these products can be found below.

Now lets get back into the music for today.  Alot of listeners and friends of mine have been talking about or just now discovering an artist that has proven controversial and captivating at the same time: jj.  This swedish based pop/mash artist has stirred up quite a bit of talk which usually boils down to two points of focus.  The first is the most obvious; the music is very good, period.  The second is that a majority (if not all of it) is basically ripped beats from very popular songs (Empire State of Mind, Runaway, Still Dre, etc.) that feature her airy vocals atop all of them.  So if anything, they are all very well done re-interpretations.  But none the less, as the first point proves to be a continually hotter point of conversation, the music is good.

Due to all this jibber jabber over jj, she is the subject of both Jammie picks with two premier tracks from her new album, jj nø. 3, along with a bonus track (5 minuter med) which is what really made her blow up.  Enjoy.

Pick 1: jj – STILL

Pick 2: jj – HIGH END

**BONUS JAMMIE: jj – 5 Minuter med

NAMM Videos:


iZotope Stutter Edit


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