Musical Chairs, Shall We?

The all too hectic time of the new semester is upon us (atleast me).  School has started, work has been totally rescheduled, and it seems like the time of the year when you teach yourself a little better about independence and broadening your horizons.  Its an exciting time, but once the patterns appear and regularity rolls in we tend to fall back in the comfort zone we once knew.  On behalf of Jammie staff I’d like to encourage us all to take this year and Strangelove that shit into 2012!  I believe this is possible and necessary.  So, now that the pep talk of the semester is taken care of, lets talk about music.  As always, I have two delicious Jammies for you to devour on this frigid Thursday.  And, because of the massive sudden temperature drop I just can’t leave you with two.  We need a bonus!  Jammies… engage!

Pick 1: Purity Ring – Ungirthed

Purity Ring is apparently a brand new project.  Thanks to some information from LifeAquaticBlog, we know that it is a brand new project started by two individuals: Corin of Gobble Gobble and Megan James.  I believe they are also from Canada but I’m not sure of the specific region.  Anyways, the music is good and the debut is perfect.

Pick 2: Siriusmo – Einmal In Der Woche Schreien

Siriusmo has a very interesting sound to say the least.  I can’t really comment too much on it because I wanted to leave the judgment upon your shoulders.  Comment and tell us what you think!  And without further ado… Jammie Bonus!

**BONUS: Mr. Gonzo – Magic Cherry

Mr. Gonzo brings the noise!  This is obviously a banger so leaving it as the bonus went without saying.  Just try not to wear it out too much.  Enjoy Jammies.  Until next time.



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