“Smooth Friday Sucka”

Good evening cool cats and jiving Jammies.  Smooth Friday saw you from the across the room and just crept on over with that sultry little swing she’s known for.  From that moment on you knew what was coming, that’s right… some smooth-ass Jammies baby.  This Friday I’ll be throwing two smooth and perhaps seductive, if you will, tracks to keep you so fresh and oh so clean.  Let the Jammies roll.

Pick 1: Ronnie Foster – Mystic Brew

Ronnie Foster truly delivers the “smoovness” on this one.  It just oozes cool straight from its pores and into your ears.  I really love the organ work in this piece and I’m pretty sure you will to.  So go ahead, give it a listen.

Pick 2: Madlib – Rocket Love Pt. 1

Madlib!  In my opinion he is one of the current staples of true hip-hop that is still alive (RIP Dilla).  The song provides an interesting perspective on smooth.  I would say my favorite feature is the truly solid drum track and the weaving of the Rhodes in and out.

Before we finish I will leave you with three bonus Jammies, yet again (I really do spoil you).  They are all pretty much classics so I feel like there is little that needs to be said about them.  By the way though, the Funkadelic’s Can You Get To That was heavily sampled in Sleigh Bells’ new album Treats (check out the song Rill Rill on it if you like the one below).  Until next time Jammies.  Enjoy.

**Bonus1: Funkadelic – Can You Get To That

**Bonus2: The Roots (Dilla Joint) – Stereolab

**Bonus 3: Isaac Hayes – Walk On By


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