Sunday Evening

Its always a magical feeling to wake to a bright beautiful day on Sunday evening and experience the sunlight as it drifts through your blinds upon the lazy slits of your eyes.  What’s even better is some good music to accompany your slow arrival to the day.  That’s why today’s picks are some Lazy Sundays!  Monday is just around the corner and wish you all the most wonderful of weeks to come.  I know I will be writing extensively this semester as I am starting my creative writing degree.  Expect some literary goodness in the days to come.  Enter stage right, Jammies.

Pick 1: The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning

“Watch out, the world’s behind you.  There’s always someone around you who will call.  It’s nothing at all.”  Without much need for explanation, I feel like we can all relate to this listlessly uttered phrase in the Velvet Underground’s Sunday Morning.  The song debuted in 1967 with their album The Velvet Underground & Nico. The song was originally intended to be a potential single that would showcase Nico’s vocals.  But, in the final moments of recording in New York, Reed declared he would be the lead vocals.  Although it was meant with much resistance from their studio manager at the time, the decision really did turn out to be a smart move.

Pick 2: The Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill (Live from Triple J Studio)

This wonderful studio session (Triple J Studios) is a recent release of The Gorillaz’ On Melancholy Hill. Honestly, I now prefer it to the original.  But both songs are, without a doubt, phenomenal.

**Bonus: Penny & The Quarters – You and Me

This bonus is a wonderful addition for our Lazy Sunday theme as well.  I just couldn’t leave it out.

Until next time fellow Jammies.  Enjoy.



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