Real Estate and Secret Cities

Hello everybody!  Despite the frigid temperatures, today has been a remarkably good day.  We had rolling blackouts knocking out school for most of us, Groundhog Day has been playing non-stop, and I have leftover pizza… ahhhhh.  As to the reason for the short delay in posts, I have just felt really under the weather.  And seeing as how I am currently the only writer, that causes a problem.  So, in good spirits I resume the posting and dedicate it to the harbinger of illness that brought me this cold, Brexton.  And now for some music I think you may enjoy.

Pick 1: Real Estate – Blue Labarron

Pick 2: Secret Cities – Love Crime

**Bonus: Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Temptations

Until next time Jammies.



About ollie713

I play good music... I think.
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