Lets Take Over The World

Good evening ladies and gentleman.  I’d like to speak on something briefly that has been occupying my mind lately.  There is a time, amongst the turmoil and chaos of everyday lives, in which it is necessary to step back and analyze the bigger picture.  No matter where you are or what you’re doing, now is a good time.  Ask yourself three questions: Where am I (honestly), what do I want, and how am I getting there?  Now, I don’t know about everybody but my aspirations aren’t humble by any means, some may say completely unrealistic (and they have), But that’s ok.  It’s more than ok to dream big and I COMPLETELY encourage that.  Personally in my life I’ve recently been surrounded by “realists”, and that’s ok too.  But, sometimes those people, for reasons unbeknownst, become agitated with your attempts to break the mold of mediocrity and (either subversively or overtly) attempt to take you down a couple of pegs.  That’s not ok.  Not at all.  So, really that’s all I want to share.  Ask yourself who you surround yourself with and what you want to do, and act to make your dreams a reality.  If this came off as a rant, sorry.  If you, my fellow Jammies, felt this then I say reach for true excellence and never compromise.  On to the music!

Pick 1: Daft Punk – Superheroes

Pick 2: Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

**Bonus: Explosions In The Sky – The Birth and Death of a Day

**Bonus2: Dismemberment Plan – You Are Invited

All these songs follow the theme of inspiration, drive, and perserverance!  I encourage you to follow your dreams and stop at nothing.  Enjoy Jammies.

(Double Bonus courtesy of Gabe & Anfon [aka Two Socks McGee])

Until next time.



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