New Numbers O_o

Oh this is exciting!  I believe PutYourJammiesOn has been going to be almost a month now and the progress has been oh so very nice.  A number of people have started to show some initial interest in the site and that just tickles me with joy!  We’re approaching close to 300 unique visits now and that just makes me imagine its kind of like having a decent sized college auditorium except the audience pops in and out over the course of 30 days… But 300 none the less!  With that news I will most certainly register a full fledged domain and space.  That means more media, the addition of exclusive interviews, more sections, more writers, and the ability to host some more easily accessible mp3 files for you guys.  The Cloud has been nice, but its copyright software is quite a nuisance.

Now that we have that on the record, there’s not much else to do but play some fat-ass beats son!  Today I want to share some celebratory tunes to mark the occasion but another track I found that exhibits a rather ghostly ambiance.  So, as usual, on to the Jammies.

Pick 1: Amadou & Mariam – Sabali (Vitalic Remix)

Amadou & Mariam bring a much appreciated World aspect to a genre that desperately lacks it at times while Vitalic adds a dynamic pulsing techno punch to the mix.  Its like an underwater tribal sea-cow ritual disco song if you will?  I’m getting ahead of my self.  Moving on

Pick 2: Terafolk – Music For a Newfound Harmonium/Walk, Don’t Run

Now I don’t really know much about Terafolk besides the fact that this song is, for lack of a better description, “jubilantly exuberant.”  It reminds me of a cross between Ratatouille’s score, Gaelic folk, and Tolkien’s Shire.  In summary, its good.  And so are today’s bonuses.

**Bonus: James Blake – Wilhelms Scream


James Blake completely blew me away with this track.  I mean, I really had no point of reference for his style so it brought me a fresh perspective on music in general (which is always a great feeling).  If I had to point to two elements that really struck me upon listening, they would have to be the raw emotion and incredible engineering.  Blake places a lot of emphasis on his vocals in this album.  That’s usually a risky play in my opinion, but he makes good…  very good.  The second aspect is the engineering, which is extremely heavy in this album.  There’s so much going on this department at one time, but the beauty shines through with his deft approach to minimalism.  Another writer made an interesting point in claiming Blake really accomplished what Kanye set out to do in 808.  I can understand that point.  Check out the entire self titled EP, James Blake if you liked this.

**Bonus2: The Octopus Project – Malaria Codes

A classic from the all so very talented and home grown Octopus Project.  Enjoy.

Until Next Time.



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