Music For Traveling


We all have that feeling.  That feeling to get on a plane and leave.  Go somewhere new and see things you’ve never seen before.  They may say the New Frontier is already accounted for, already explored, but not in your book!  That’s right sometimes you just want to go.  I can most definitely relate with that feeling.  So, today we will hear songs that inspire or evoke a sense of exploration and travel.  These are songs that are moving, dynamic, or changing.  Let us proceed.

Pick 1: Baths – You’re My Excuse To Travel

Pick 2: Gavintoo – Over The Rainbow (Remix)

Both of these Jammies inspire a sense of traveling along with conjurations of images associated with the warm and exotic aspects of travelling, the aspects we like to think about.

Our bonus picks for today come from Brexton and Andrew.  Enjoy.

**Bonus: Maps & Atlases – Every Place Is A House

**Bonus2: Holy Fuck – Stay Lit

**Bonus3: Django Reinhardt – I’ve Got Rhythm

Until Next Time.




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One Response to Music For Traveling

  1. Evan says:

    Diggin’ the I’ve Got Rhythm

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