Lofti Cries On A White Sheet Beach

Do-Do-Double Post post post post.  Yes sir, that sound means its time to feel the pain.  You’ve just landed a ten hit combo, launched for the arial, and are looking ice this sucker on the hyper special.  Its a really great feeling in the arcade, but what if you could do that… in music?  Well, as of just recently, you most certainly can.  I’m talking about the MIDI-Fighter from the beloved and well followed DJTechTools.  I think its a really cool concept and if you’ll just preview some of the action below, you’ll see what I mean.  Enough jibber jabber though.  We have music to listen to!  Check out the MIDI-Fighter video and meet me below.

So lets listen to what we have for a second set today.  First is another release from one of my favorite up and comers, Purity Ring.  I believe I posted one of their other tracks a month or so ago by the name Ungirthed.  Take a listen to their new addition, Lofticries, featuring some ominously delightful vocal sampling, satisfying synth arpeggiates, and a refreshing vocal melody.

Pick 1:  Purity Ring – Lofticries

Now, this second one comes thanks to one of my personal favorite blogs, theLifeAquaticBlog.  The smooth and organic progression of this Jammie is what I enjoy most.  Not to mention the deft synth work  littered with 8bit ornaments and interesting juxtaposition between the (what sounds like) steel drums that appear halfway through the song.  That being said, enjoy FISHING’s White Sheet Beach.

Finally, I know that PutYourJammiesOn is, for the most part, a music oriented website.  But, there is never a bad time support art in whatever medium it may take.  One original short animation caught my eye recently and I’d like to share.  It’s a little violent, but I don’t believe one could call it gratuitous.  Here is The Animation Workshop’s The Backwater Gospel.

Until Tomorrow!



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