Sadness is a Blessing

Salutations fellow Jammies.  Its time to revitalize, re-energize, re-assimilate, and go!  Consistency is the name of the game and the vibe that is set to be encompassed in this blog.  Unfortunately I have six different papers due for school but that’s beside the point.  No excuses for no posts!   And please, please… remember, sadness is a blessing.  I have, as of late, been using my depressing and at times, dare I say, pathetic bouts of lonliness to propell my music production light years ahead of what it was.  Expect originals and your boy to take over.  2011 baby.  Lets do this.  Jammies Assemble!

Pick 1:  Lykke Li – Sadness Is A Blessing (Gold Panda Remix)

The grooving rhythm of this track beats on into the uplifting sadness that Lykke Li embodies.  Not only is the tune relaxing, but contrary to many other songs today, this one brings an important lesson and a valuable outlook to embody.  Enjoy your sadness.  As hard as that sounds.  You can find the original at the bottom.  (BTW:  Isn’t that an awesome picture of Lykke Li?)

Pick 2:  Sister Nancy – Bam Bam

Here is a lovely classic from Sister Nancy.  The track is well known by many, but seldom enjoyed enough today.  Revisit this testament to chill and try and listen to the lyrics themselves.  Enjoy yourself and value the inspiration you do have.

Reference Material: Lykke Li – Sadness Is A Blessing

Expect another post shortly!



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