New Trends On The Dancefloor

Freak Freak Y’all.  This installment of Jammies features some body rockin’, jive steppin’, groovin’ ass picks.  But while we’re on the subject of dancing, lets ask a question- what makes a dance song… a dance song?  Perfectly legitimate question.  Now I wont be trying to tackle that question in this article but we will shortly.  If you’d like to speak on the question, “what make’s dance music so danceable”, then by all means let me know.  Until then though, lets go pop that booty.

Pick 1:  Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill (Clique NewTrends Remix)

Now this right here, this is what one would call a “banger.”  A term used primarily in the DJ community for a song meant to complement the highest energy peaks of a set.  That would make sense with this track though as it comes from a DJ collective.  Simple, danceable, catchy, and a quality remix of a quality song.  Not much can go wrong there.

Pick 2:  Breakbot – Baby I’m Your’s (ft. IRFANE)

Breakbot has really been creating quite a name for himself lately.  After a string of successful tracks this production only further solidifies surging fan base he’s garnered.  And not without good reason.  Baby I’m Yours does not attempt the recreate the funky rocking dance wheel, but just do it again very well.  Which, honestly, at times can be even harder.  Enjoy.

Finally, I’m going to love you cute kids with some bonuses.  The first is a notable remix of the second Pick, Baby I’m Yours.  The second follows the flow of this post in that it is a beast of a dance song.  It is Xaphoon Jones’ (aka Chiddy Bang) [TY to Erica M. for putting that fat on my head.] remix/mash of Passion Pit’s Sleepy Head and the iconic Michael Jackson’s One More Chance creating the unstoppable juggernaut… Jackson Pit.

**Bonus1:  Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (Color Baster Remix)


**Bonus2:  Xaphoon Jones – Jackson Pit

Until Next Time!



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