Hex’s For Noise and Maniac Meats

If you’re familiar with Black Moth Super Rainbow then you’re probably familiar with one of the spotlight artist’s for todays post- Tobacco.  Some would describe him as the one responsible for the sonic psychedelic dream portion of BMSR.  The second spotlight goes to old-school hip-hop legends The Beastie Boys for their new submission into the market, Make Some Noise.  I also have two lovely bonus’  for your eager ears.  Lets ride!

Pick 1:  TOBACCO – Fresh Hex (ft. Beck)

Well, when you combine the incomparable style of Tobacco with the equally incomparable style of Beck then you get something interestingly amazing.  Enjoy and try to listen to Beck’s lyrics.  He loves the letter C.

Pick 2:  The Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise

Beastie is back.  Now with their new sound, a fusion of their solid original techniques while employing a stronger acoustic presence (relative to before).  I like it.  Its a healthy mix of then and now with a deft production style.  Check out the rock, hip-hop, dance infusion that is Make Some Noise.

**Bonus1:  Grammatik – Stairway To Hip Hop’


Usually when you hear a classic, such as the aforementioned Stairway To Heaven, is being remixed it means its being downgraded.  I’m relieved to say I don’t believe that is the case here.  Grammatik puts his own spin on cultural icon Led Zeppelin and brings something fresh to the table.  Let me know what you think.

**Bonus2:  James Vincent McMorrow – We Don’t Eat (Adventure Club Dubstep Mix)


Honestly, its the production value that attracted me to this track.  I think the engineering is clean, it sounds very big, and the subject material is strong to begin with.  I have to say I’m losing my interest in Dub Step mainly due to the market saturation that it has been involved with as of late.  But this one isn’t a complete clone of the movement.  Never hate on someone for trying.  Oh!  I also wanted to leave you with a video of Tobacco’s Beck collaborations.  The music video follows a man as he proceeds to completely lose his mind in the woods.  Something we can all relate to.

All that I ask is that you enjoy the remainder of this beautiful evening and go with good spirits!  Good day Jammies.



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