The Aruarian Air Dance

Today is a special day.  Every week we will pick a guest to come in and pick the bonuses for the day’s post.  Today is Ryan.  For all you ladies out there he is single and disease free.  But I digress.  For todays Jammies we’re going to look at Air and the late hip-hop producer Nujabes.  Unfortunately I am constricted on time as I write this so I will leave you straight to the music.  Enjoy.

Pick 1:  Air – La Femme d’Argent

Pick 2:  Nujabes – Aruarian Dance

**Bonus1:  Lykke Li – Love Out Of Lust

**Bonus2:  Body Language – You Can

**Bonus3:  Body Language – Falling Out

Until Tomorrow.



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One Response to The Aruarian Air Dance

  1. Puma says:

    Body Language tracks were nice. RP Love Mix on my iPod. Respect that illness.

    Swimsuit Edition taking over the blogasphere tit by brick.

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