Phoenix Penguins

Welcome back.  This Thursday I will be DJ’ing at the Mink @ 9pm for those interested in cheap drinks and sick beats.  Anyways, today we will spotlight two more recently popular and blog-hungry tracks.  Both well worth the fuss… well, you decide.

Pick 1:  Avicii – Penguin (Original Mix)

Avicii’s Penguin provides a lovely major chord progression braced through the persistent pumping of the drum track.  Honestly, the music theory behind this piece is played out garbage, but its my guilty pleasure 🙂

Pick 2:  Edwin Van Cleef – Lisztomania (Phoenix Cover)

Edwin Van Cleef and Jane Hanley lay down a solid cover of Phoenix’s beast child, Lisztomania.  The synth influence and organic flow of Cleef mixes seamlessly with the angelic vocals of Hanley.  Enjoy.

Finally, I’ve got a bonus of another Cleef track.  I may have posted it before… oh well.

Until Next Time.



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