RAC Has Houdini’s Couch

May is finally upon us.  School is coming to a close and depending on how you tied up the semester you are ushered along by sentiments of remorse or relief.  But, as long as you’re out there doing something, we’re proud of you!  As the legendary Macho Man Randy Savage so eloquently put forth, “And the beat goes on…”  Here’s some decent tracks to start closing out the semester.  And dont forget to check out the sage words of Savage below.

Pick 1:  Earl Sweatshirt – Couch (ft. Ace Creator)

This track comes from the up and coming Odd Feature, more specifically Earl Sweatshirt.  I warn you, its a dirty one, but a very nice one none the less.

Pick 2:  Foster The People – Houdini (RAC Remix)

Ever since I heard the first RAC mix I had the feeling he could do no wrong.  That feeling was correct.  Here’s another fresh perspective from RAC on Foster The People’s Houdini.  Enjoy.

Until Next Time.



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  1. Puma says:

    odd future*

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