The Old Dusty Trail

Salutations Jammies!  As I greet you a dust storm meanders about my hotel and tumbleweeds compliment the freeway.  Its been a little while since our last post and for that I apologize.  Good music does not deserve to be kept private!  So in the spirit of my New Mexico travels on the old dusty trails we will take a listen to some western inspired tracks from Javelin’s new album Canyon Candy.  Enjoy!

Pick 1:  Javelin – Cowpoke

This western gem embodies the spirit of the wandering cowboy as nostalgic humming and persistent acoustic guitar chords are carried by the fusion of a contemporary percussion line.

Pick 2:  Javelin – Estevez

Picture yourself walking through an old spanish town.  Making your way through the courtyard scattered with spanish roses and thorny cowpokes you spot a lovely cantina, lets have a drink.

**Bonus1:  Javelin – Colorado Trail

Dark breakbeat and soulful western hymn combine together to create this extremely odd yet satisfying track.  If only it was longer 😦

Well Jammies, that’s all for today.  Expect more tomorrow!

Until Next Time.




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