Ellie Goulding: Remix Sessions

I’d be very surprised if one had not heard of Mrs. Goulding yet.  She has unquestionably dominated the UK charts and gone toe to toe with the infamous American GaGa of the States.  Her album Lights boasts one impressive track after another but mainstream pop usually leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth.  So, for all those with similiar sentiments on the matter I bring you a Goulding flavored post littered with extraordinary remixes.  Each one puts a completely fresh spin on the original tracks they represent.  Enjoy.

Pick 1:  Ellie Goulding – Lights (Shook Remix)

Shook adds a new dimension of danceability in this remix of Goulding’s most prominent single, Lights.  The electric piano and slap bass forces a smile upon your face.

Pick 2:  Ellie Goulding vs. Daft Punk –  There’s Something About Us Under The Sheets (B-Roc of the Knocks Remix)

One of my favorite artists of all time, Daft Punk, is fused with the delicate and sultry vocals of Goulding to form a near perfect remix.  Much thanks to B-Roc for providing this.

Bonus1:  Ellie Goulding – Heartbeats (Cosmonaut Grechko Edit)

In this tranquil edit Cosmonaut Grechko transforms Goudling’s Heartbeats into a serene interpretation of the original.  Guitar parts weave in and out a steady hi-hat and hand clap to make this vibrant remix.

Bonus2:  Ellie Goulding vs. Jackson 5 – I Want You Back vs. Starry Eyed (Hulk Mash Remix)

A true dance monster is born within this track.  I can’t even count the number of Jackson 5 mashes on the market now but this one definitely stands near the top of the pack (along with Passion Pit’s [Xaphoon]).

Bonus3:  Ellie Goulding – Lights (Bassnectar Remix)

Another outstanding Lights remix.  Bassnectar brings the noise… as usual.

Well thats all for today Jammies!

Until Next Time.



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