Diplo’s Curing Outkasts

It wasn’t too long ago that Diplo made his skyrocketing trajectory through the blogosphere by means of his Major Lazer project.  Since then he has released a hefty amount of well thought out and original remixes along with some original star-studded singles of his own.  Today we’ll take a look of one his recent remix projects which is a set of two complimentary tracks that go to show that with hard work, a subtle ear, and fresh perspective any song can be effectively remixed… even classics.

[Note:  These two picks are originally one large track but they are now split.  Hit play on 2 as soon as 1 ends.]

Pick 1:  The Cure – Love Song (Diplo Remix)

Pick 2:  Outkast – B.O.B. (Diplo Remix)

And I have provided a bonus below from North Carolina’s Dreams West.  This little gem takes the concept of tape bending and subtly employs it to compliment the lo-fi ride that is Shells.

Bonus**:  Dreams West – Shells

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