The Sun Can’t Swim

Well, in Houston it seems like the Sun is out to prove something.  I wish I could just turn to it and say, “Bitch… I love you, but you need to stop shining so hard. But hey, who am I to detract from someone else’s endeavors to get their shine on?  Shine on Sun.”  Anyways, its a refreshing 95 degrees as compared to our recent 103-105 spikes.  The worst part is summer isn’t even in full effect yet.  Pace yourself Sun!  Jesus!  You already know how we have to do this.  We need some super cool tracks to beat the heat in this sweltering summer.  Here’s two, take some and pass it on.

Pick 1:  Poolside – Do You Believe

Could I have asked for a better artist to fit today’s picks?  I doubt it.  Enjoy Poolside’s Do You Believe as it brings some grooving pop piano vocals and sandwiches them between some funky percussion and funkier bass lines then proceeds to garnish that bad boy with some accented synth parts.

Pick 2:  Jamiroquai – Smile

Wooooooooo It’s hot!  Wear some sandals!

See Ya Jammies!



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