Minted Sparks For The Courageous Soul

What a sight for sore eyes- a new post to sweep the dust off this domain’s neglected desktop.  I must say that the time spent away hasn’t failed to yield new listening material for the Jammies in us all.  That being said, these incoming tides will lazily lap against your listless shore line with their… “chill waves.”  Lets go.  (Btw:  I just wanted to say there was a ‘chill wave’ before chill wave, its called “Easy Listening”)

Pick 1:  Chrome Sparks – ❤ & Soul

The way Chrome Sparks builds into this one is what really catches my attention.  Because its Chrome Sparks its somewhat of a given that the sampling will be well-thought out and interesting, but I really enjoy the resounding and triumphant build up the song achieves.  Check it out.

Pick 2:  Okinawa Lifestyle – Nii

Okinawa Lifestyle really does a wonderful job creating a very real soundscape.  The engineering and sound design behind it honestly reminds me of Nintendo’s awesome composition of scores for their water based levels (namely Mario 64’s Pirate Cove lvl 😀 )  (Note: Below this you will find the Mario 64 VGM I am referencing.)

Reference1:  Super Mario 64 – Dire, Dire Docks

**Bonus1:  Starslinger – Minted

Minted is a soulful yet extremely solid.  The percussion track combined with its compression really chop the beat into nice little repeated, but lovely sounding sections none the less.  Finally, I leave you with another Star Slinger track.  This time Slinger has taken a classic to the work board and slightly modernized it… well I’d hate to say it like that.  You really need to listen to it for yourself and make up your own mind on the matter.  I find it hard not to like this track unless your a vehement purist on the matter of originals and their remixes.  Enjoy.

**Bonus2:  Starslinger – Dutchie Courage

Until Next Time Jammies.



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