Dividing HOLY Athen’s Faces

Faces are so interesting aren’t they?  They can tell us where you’ve been, how old you are, how you feel, if you’re tired, if you’re happy, or perhaps who you’ve been with.  Its been said for some time that eye’s are the window to the soul, but I would argue the sum of the face’s parts are truly the window to the soul.  Having been involved with so many fields exposing me to so many faces has lead me to a greater appreciation of its meanings.  When I look upon all your pretty little faces during a DJ gig I know whether or not I’m doing a good job and who’s enjoying the sweet vibrations around them.  All of this chatter brings me to the true nature behind my rant -the want of reaction to our own actions.  I think we can all appreciate the touch of individuality and interaction in our own lives.  Follow HOLY OTHER, a new UK producer who takes us on an ominously sensual path towards the delightful Touch.

Pick 1:  HOLY OTHER – Touch

Let’s ramp it up a bit shall we.  What you will find below you is a wonderfully produced remix of the recently buzzing Keep Shelly in Athen’s Hauntin’ Me.  Honestly, so many elements from  different genres and ideas come together in this mix that I find it difficult to place my finger on in particular.  First of all, the lyrics revolve around the deep seated emotions found in Juliet’s ghost and the speakers reaction to her haunting auras.  Next, the genres are interspersed between a heavy electro, elements of edm mixing, slight hip-hop 808 percussion accents portions, and on top of this the brass and string sections seem to be akin with that of the Pink Floyd’s – Shine on you Crazy Diamond.  You make up your own minds about it and get back to me.

Pick 2:  Keep Shelly In Athens – Hauntin’ Me (The New Division Remix)

Alright then.  Now we have a couple of Jammie Guest Picks for everyone.  These are in dedication to Big B Higgs, Dang 2011, and Adorable Drea.  Lets go!

GuestPick 1:  Gene Chandler – Have A Friend For Me? (Zimmer Edit)  [DANG 2011]

GuestPick 2:  The Books – Tokyo  [BIG B HIGGS]

GuesPick 3:  Freelance Whales – Location  [ADORABLE DREA]



[COMPLIMENTS:  Willy P. Nilly was the Mole responsible for these wonderful Diggs.]


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