Nightcall From The Beach

I want to be successful.  So do you.  Let me tell you a story about a dream you had.  Walking through a place in a different time with different people, you see a crowd.  At its center is an older man in shroud.  Cool, collected, and cane in hand he looks past the sea of people directly at you.  The clamor surrounding falls to a hush.  He says to you, “You want to be successful?”  Everyone fixes their gaze upon you waiting for a response.  “Yes… I do.”  The crowd looks to the sky, they turn to crows and disperse.  You are alone on a beach.  The master motions from the water.  He asks you again,  “Do you want to be successful?”  Confused and curious you say yes.  “Come to the water.” he says.  This man must be crazy.  Reluctantly you wade into waist level.  “Go further.”  You are now to your shoulders.  “Further.”  Nose and eyes brimming above the lapping waves you become frightened.  The man takes your head and forces you below the water.  Gasping for air you realize all is over.  Your final moments are upon you and all is slipping away.  Right before your lungs cry for their final breath he pulls you up.  He asks you in your daze, “Do you want be successful?”  He pauses and stares.  “When you want to be successful as much as you wanted that air you will be.”  You are awake.  You are alive.

What a trip.

You have some crazy dreams.

Lets Listen to music.

Pick 1:  Kavinsky – Nightcall (feat. Lovefoxxx)

Pick 2:  College – A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth)

**Bonus1:  Chromatics – Tick of the Clock

(NOTE:  Today’s picks are thanks to Refn and his masterpiece Drive.  Go see it in theaters.)

Until Next Time.



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