Patience Icarus, Patience.

Salutations my lovely Jammies.  Welcome to an electro-post!  We’re going to edge those BPM’s a little bit more than usual and step our way on to the god damn dance floor.  I hope you find an appreciation for layering through these tracks, as I know I did.  We will glance at a remix of Madeon’s recent preview track Icarus.  From there we’ll rejoice in our appreciation of the droning yet ever changing melody that is Techno.  Enjoy.

Pick 1:  Madeon – Icarus (Violet Green Remix)

An interesting note on the artist you just heard:  He’s 17 years old.  Impressive.

Pick 2:  Amadou & Mariam – Sabali (Miike Snow Remix)

That is such an easy track to enjoy with many delightful ear-treats to be found throughout it.

Interesting Fact:  Sabali is “Patience” in a language known as Bambara which is, I believe, French in origin.  Basically, the chorus to this track translates something like,

“If you love someone, patience is worth everything
If you love a man, patience is worth everything
If you love a woman, patience is worth everything
Patience, patience, patience is good.”

Here’s an amazing (and I don’t use that word lightly) new track from San Francisco producer The M Machine entitled Glow.

**Bonus1:  The M Machine – Glow

It does make you feel young again, huh?

Until Next Time.



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