Dillon Francis is Around

Greetings one and all!  Its a beautiful sight to watch more and more of you coming down from the rafters into the Jammies.  In good faith, as the numbers continue to rise, I am currently keeping my eyes and ears open for a partner to come join my writing team.  For all the local Houston readers this means more info on local happenings and events around town.  So, on that note, keep your eyes open for a second Jammie writer, as their approach is imminent.

Today’s top two picks are for the soul.  The first will make the flame that is your soul dance about in a fit of glee.  The second will let it burn steady into the night… always watching, always listening, always moving.  Turn around, there you are.

Pick 1:  Dillon Francis – I.D.G.A.F.O.S

There goes Dillon Francis on his neon buffalo.

Pick 2:  Eliot – Around

It is clear now.

Until Next Time



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I play good music... I think.
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