Lay Bac, Kate Is Lo-Flying

What is Lo-Fi?  Well, on the surface it means “low fidelity” or low quality of sound (a wave that exhibits low or sub-standard resolution upon transduction), but in vernacular we know it as a sub genre of music filled with ghostly yet warm magnetic tape-worn tracks that harken back to a time when ‘jorts’ and Walkmen sat on their respective thrones.  Having not been much more than 3 years old I can’t relate to those things, but I do feel the intrinsic sentiment of nostalgia that these tracks may induce (regardless of age).  Lets look at some Lo-Fi!  Come on!

Pick 1:  Ariel Pink – For Kate I Wait

There is something so triumphant about this track I can’t quite put my finger on.  That and Ariel Pink is considered a master of Lo-Fi amongst some [“Mixtape King”].

Pick 2:  Lay Bac – Feel U Again

Again, the triumphant vibe shines through in spades.

**Bonus 1:  Shahram Sabpareh – Prison Song

There’s some Iranian soul for your from the other side of the world.  Try and hear the lyrics of this song.  Really hear them.  Enjoy.

What beauty do we see in the calculated and intentional practice of antiquing or diminishing the quality of sounds, or any artistic medium for that matter.

Until Next Time.



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