Lost Comanche’s Oblivion

Loss is something we all deal with- all of us.  Otherwise, no relative emotion to gain would put our world in perspective, thus making our world rather boring.  Or, as Einstein would have observed, we wouldn’t know the train is moving unless the man on the station stood still [Einstein’s “Train” thought experiment].  Be thankful for your woes; you may never have them again.  Music knows the grand emotion of loss all too well.  So many heart sick, sorrow filled, mopey tunes are on hand to compliment any shade of sadness you may don that day.  But, do not forget the jubilant, triumphant, and gleeful songs equally teeming in numbers.  It is duality through the emotional and singularity in music as a whole, much like the experience of loss we began with.  Every loss is an opportunity to learn.  Good Luck.

Pick 1:  Comanche – Moose Knuckle

*Pew Pew*  Oh no!  They’re firin’ tha lazerz!  Comanche provides nice clean cuts on vocals with a fresh electro-disco vibe.  This song reeks of glitter jackets and dancing shoes… whatever those happen to smell like.

Pick 2:  Grimes – Oblivion

Its a little spooky to keep with Halloween.  So is the next one!

**Bonus1:  Selebrities – The Monster Mash

Until Next Time!





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