Something About Soft Lights

Greetings one and all!  I am happy to see the activity of PutYourJammiesOn growing very nicely.  Your messages of encouragement tickle my fancy thoroughly!  Today I have a great remix and an original from a local Houston artist I actually went to school with.  Its really interesting the see the people around you flying on their individual trajectories.  Watching your friends and family, the people you love, growing as human beings and reaching for their dreams is a reward in and of itself.  Live vicariously through them, feel the success, and touch it for yourself.  Feels good, right?  Let’s go!

Pick 1:  Daft Punk – Something About Us (Cherokee Remix)

I must say that this is arguably one of the best (or best) remix of a Daft Punk song I have heard to date.  That says a lot as there have been countless remixes of Daft Punk’s collection.  Cherokee takes it a step farther in the remix bracket by creating new melodies and rhythms from the stems of the source.  Enjoy.

Pick 2:  Wave Hands Like Clouds – Soft Light, Exquisite Life

Tyler Norton’s Houston born Wave Hands Like Clouds has a phenomenal sense of music itself.  This song sums up that sentiment as he takes the essence of chill and rides it like a god damn dragon!

You know what… I like your face.  I’m going to throw a bonus at it.

**Bonus1:  Deadmau5 – Aural Psynapse

This is one of Deadmau5’s newest singles.  That guy… whatever.

Until Next Time.



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