A Polar Bear’s Daydream

Music is a tide that ebbs and flows.  It crashes and trickles, bends and ripples into pools of composition.  Some believe this pool is intrinsic to the artist, some believe it is an external source to be tapped into- I believe it is both.  Music posseses an inherent, mathematical, pattern-based structure.  As we push our minds to limits, challenging our idea of what we consider to be music, we bear witness to a new piece of music’s awesome structure.  Being human, we love to romanticize our experiences.  As artists, we challenge ourselves.  Together these two elements create our own narratives- our own journeys.  Pardon the delay.  Enjoy.

Pick 1:  Tycho – Daydream

The pronounced percussion parts of this piece are rounded out by a warm blanket of drifting synths, much like a daydream.

Pick 2:  Room E – Polar Bear

A distant wandering white spec lumbers across the powdered horizon trailed by young.  The mother polar bear must hunt.

Bonus1**:  Tech Coast – Enthusiast

Tech Coast makes synths flash like strobes.

Bonus2**:  Pilot – Wrigglesworth (PSB Edit)

You’re touching the air.

Until Next Time.



About ollie713

I play good music... I think.
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