Ruling Shadows, Little Dragons, and Travelling Merchants

Salutations Jammies!  I thought it fit to stop by  and wish you a Happy belated 2012 and give my blessings for a prosperous new year through the music you hear and the life you live.  I have a good feeling about things to come.  I must admit, the world situation that surrounds us can seem like things are becoming bleak.  But, it is my opinion, that a majority of these world issues are inevitable challenges for the human race that must be learned from at some point or another.  Why not get them off the table now and finally embrace the important things around us: family, friends, love, education, and the unbridled spirit of human exploration (SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE).  I digress though.  I know you came here to listen to music; lets do it.

Pick 1:  Empire of the Sun – We Are The People (Cosmonauts Re-edit)

We are the people who rule the world.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard the original, but this is a very skillfully engineered example of a proper edit.  I would not call this a remix, as that usually connotes a re-arrangement of the original or very similiar instrumentations.  This edit strips everything but the vocals.

Pick 2:  Dj Shadow ft. Little Dragon – Scale it Back (Benji Boko Remix)

I know I’ve posted the original scale it back, but this is a wonderfully playful remix of some good material.  If you like the Gorillaz I’m going to assume you will like this remix.

**2012 Bonus:  J Biscuits – Travelling Merchant

Take this bonus, embody its sincerity, and conquer the new year:  That is all I ask.

Until Next Time.





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