Wilhelm’s Eyes Cannot See

Good morning Jammies.  Welcome to another edition of excitement, inspiration, and music.  Last night I was watching an animated adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo.  Rather than taking the counts perspective as narrator, this version follows a young boy born into Paris’ aristocracy.  I wont elaborate on the details (as you should watch it yourself), but one line out of the 26 episodes stuck with me… one short line.  The boy asked the mysterious count what he thought of revenge, anger, and love.  How, with such a tumultuous  life, that the count could remain so calm, cool, and collected.  He turned and paused glaring honestly into the eyes of his questioner, “I do not know… for I cannot see myself.”  I cannot see myself…  such disregard for ego is beautiful.  Lets listen to some music and ponder.

Pick 1:  Kanye West ft. Jay-Z – Paris (DOCO remix)

Better than the original… perhaps.

Pick 2:  Azure Blue – Dreamy Eyes

Super 80’s mope revival?  I think so.

**Bonus1: The Bamboos – Wilhelm’s Scream (Cover)

A cover worth its salt?  I know so.

**Bonus2:  Pretty Lights – We Must Go On

Someone reading this knows this song’s inspiration.

I cannot see myself.

I cannot see myself.

Until Next Time.



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