Meguri’s Pretty Little Love Bomb

Painting has so many similarities to music.  Both a painter and musician must strive for expression through intention, velocity, pressure, color, hues, spacing, rhythm (in a sense), and many others beyond this.  I suppose the reason I bring this up is because of a quote I heard recently that more or less said, “The ability to create, experience, and share art is man’s finest achievement to date.”  Obviously this is arguable, but I only bring it up to examine what truth there is to it.  There is a dominant line of thought that comes to mind first.  Art is unique, in every sense of the word.  Science, logic, and concrete fields of study has something that music, art, etc. lacks.  The ability to be objectified.  Music eludes this on mostly all levels.  Theory can attempt, but there is no “right answer.”  I ask myself how is this possible, or perhaps, why?  The best answer I can present is that art is not about delivering an answer or some empirical result.  No, not at all.  Its about a journey.  Its never about A and its never about B; its always about the space within those two points.  But, who knows… right?  Lets check out some tunes to compliment our cerebral disposition.

Pick 1:  HeRajiKa – Meguri

Contemplating our beginnings.

Pick 2:  Dj Whitesmith – Exploding the Little Pretty Love Bomb

See the invisible, break the unbreakable.  Row Row…

**Bonus1:  Teams vs. Star Slinger – Say Please

Turnin’ oldies into new goodies.

Until Next Time.



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I play good music... I think.
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