Planning April Showers

Well, I’m excited to bring you one of my FAVORITE songs of this month.  It features alot of the attributes that I, myself as a producer, would like to implement into my own work.  By that, I mean being able to fuse the percussive elements of today, with the melodic and rhythmic characteristics of yesterday.  I find there is a whole new genre created from the fusion and modifications of others.  What a fitting phenomenon for a culture and age in society where remixing, editing, and reworking is the most popular form of creation.  Someone once said, “Why re-invent the wheel?”  Normally, I would say, “Why not?”, but lets take a look at some new Jammies!

Pick 1:  ProleteR – April Showers

April showers make me feel grand.

Pick 2:  PLAN – Giga Giga

Spiral Beings embrace the Giga.

Two beautiful tracks for your eager ear holes.  I hope all is well and the universe smiles upon you.

Until Next Time.



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I play good music... I think.
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