Eugene Mack’s Infinity Bike

I do say, I am feeling quite groovy this morning!  Its been a little too long since we featured some music with some serious “dance-ability.”  This is mostly a result of uninspired homogenous electronic tracks being released as of late.  But that is no excuse.  It is my belief that there is always a new, wonderful, original track out there and its my job to find it.  We can’t let the dance floor cool down so light a match, cause these tracks just ripped one (LOL :D)!

Pick 1:  Mark Morrison – Return of the Mack (Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix)

Synth arrays and island drums bring a new dance-flavor to this classic.

Pick 2:  The XX – Infinity (Bruno Be Remix)

The pulsing beat and shimmering keys bring new dance-dimensions to the XX.

**Bonus1:  Trap Arnold – Eugene’s Bike

A clean mix of 8-bit influence and heavy hitting percussion makes this interesting at the very least.

**Bonus2:  Kaligraph E – Summerset

Perhaps not so much a dance track, but groovy none the less.


Finally, I’ll share with you a recent addition by France’s young electronic prodigy- Madeon.  At less than 18 years old, he has remixed songs (by request) for the likes of Deadmau5 and Paul van Dyke.  What a boss.

Madeon – Pop Culture

Until Next Time.



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