Lost Trails of Sprinkled Desire

Konnichiwa Jammies-san!  What is it that makes good ambient music? If you think about it, its an odd sort-of genre in the vein that it tries to not to sound like music.  Ambient music tends to take sounds or instruments, sometimes not commonly thought of as musical, and apply a loose degree of rhythm, pattern, or impose a musical idea upon them.  This could mean the unfiltered sound of the city in all its complexity all the way to the a fully arranged and orchestrated synth ensemble.  In my opinion there is one defining characteristic of ambient music that defines it- unobtrusiveness.  In an audio engineering sense, I mean its ability to not demand your full attention with loud, obtrusive, or harsh wavelengths/waves.  Through this characteristic it is able to blend with and not distract from whatever else you may be focused on.  This would probably explain its popularity as a genre that is easy to read or study along with.

So, lets take a look at a few ambient gems to compliment for all your studying,reading, and relaxing needs.

Pick 1:  DJ Sprinkles – Music is a Controllable Desire You Can Own

This ambient piece means a lot to me.  I’m glad I can share it with you.

Pick 2:  Lost Trail – Salted Shores, Shipwreck Cemeteries Beneath the Rusted Swell

I couldn’t tell you why air control chatter litters this track, but I like it.

**Bonus1:  orchids&flowers – Fall Cold

The build-up of this track is beautifully executed.

**Bonus2:  orchids&flowers – Chemistry

Chemistry indeed, this track weaves in and out of itself  using an interesting rhythm and instrument choice.

I hope all is well and have a wonderful Easter!

Until Next Time.




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