Bridges, City Lights, and Pyramids

Buenos dias muchachos y muchachas de Jammies!  For today’s post we’ll look at an odd assortment of different tracks.  Some are old, some new, some familiar, and some fresh faces.  So much is on my mind right now that its a little difficult to pinpoint exactly how I want this post to go.  No matter, lets wing it!  The first track comes with a bit of history while the second embodies the spirit of unbridled perseverance.  Lets explore.

Pick 1:  The Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star

Accompanying the very first launch of MTV, this maiden lay the way for the flagship pop-culture icon’s path into mindless reality and zero music playtime 😦

Pick 2:  Pyramid – Life Above the Stars [PREVIEW]

Life beyond our planet is far away… very very far away.  Who knows what is possible with perseverance, drive, and a thirst for the unknown.

**Bonus1:  Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under the Bridge (Brummers Remix)

A wonderful original re-worked and showered with filters and effect.  A dream of different shades takes shape.

**Bonus2: Alexander Holland – City Full of Lights (Gigamesh Remix)

Get down with your bad self… please.

Well, that was fun.  Lets do it again sometime soon.  The video posted below is a beautiful view of a nighttime landing in LAX.  The song kind of… sucks.  So, you should play the Pyramid song posted below and mute the sound for the video before you play.  Enjoy.

Until Next Time.



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