Domesticated Ruins

Welcome.  Time for some freestyle free-verse foreplay.  Lets roll.


Visualizing nothing, you may stand upon the horizon of this reality.  A metaphorical sky and earth give way to velvety curtains called something and nothing.  The distance between you is as meaningless as the reference itself.  It is what some would call strange but you could really never call it anything- words fail.  What is it?  Who am I?  Who cares?

A spark snaps in this void and it bleeds.

The rest is history.


I suppose it doesn’t need to make sense, at least its not required.  I use words to meditate sometimes, except ideally I’m supposed to use… nothing.  If I had to explain that free-verse I’d say its a mash-up between experiencing the event-horizon of a black hole and The Flaming Lips The Spark That Bled symbolizing life’s ability to make something from nothing (or at-least in respects to pre-Big Bang).  Enough existentialism.  Lets listen to some tunes!

Pick 1:  TEAM CAT FOOD – Domesticated

Stay.  Just a little bit longer.

Pick 2:  Emerald Ruins – Stay

Icy shores of Kublah-Kahn.

**Bonus1:  Doom Tree – The Bully Plank

Interesting keys and a solid percussion track make this triumphant tune a breath of fresh air.

**Bonus2:  Burt Bacharach – South American Getaway (Lockseur Remix)

An addition to the previous post’s mention of the original Butch Cassidy piece, this remix fits the feel of my free-verse above (Sorry, you need to open in SoundCloud to hear).

Until Next Time.




About ollie713

I play good music... I think.
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