Motor Pistons and One Love

Good evening everybody!  Finals are over and this semester has ended.  Summer is slowly setting into our minds and moods and for some of us (myself included), summer school is right around the corner .  But, for your brief reprieve it is important to enjoy yourself and take advantage of quality time with friends and family!  If you haven’t already, take the downtown to take up an instrument, a language, or perhaps a sport.  Remember space cowboys/cowgirls, always take time for your own needs [BODY-MIND-SOUL].  Don’t forget, I believe in you.  🙂  Let us jam.

Pick 1:  Nujabes – Luv(Sic.) [Modal Soul Remix] ft. Shing02

Beautiful weaving melodies and rhythms compliment Shing’s whimsical wordplay.  RIP Nujabes (My Hero).

Pick 2:  Capeface – Drownin’

Capeface borrows some of James Blake’s nuances and establishes his own in this soulful wave.

**Bonus1:  Ratatat – One

Locked in step, Ratatat’s signature sound shines through (as always).

**Bonus2:  WaMoo Papez – Detroit Piston

Interesting synth work and well-placed stabs make WaMoo Papez banger a fitting tribute to the Motor City.

I hope you all have fun this summer.  I know I will 😀  Check back for more tunes always.

Until Next Time.




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I play good music... I think.
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