Goldrooms and Shaken Cities

Welcome back Jammies!  Summer school and a recent trip to Manchester, TN’s Bonnaroo has kept me quite busy.  Fear not though, many a good tracks have been released recently and on top of that I am nearing the stage of initial releases for a new project.  Stay tuned as original PutYourJammiesOn remixes and mashes will be hitting this blog like gang busters very shortly.  I hope all is well with you guys and your efforts are bringing you ever closer to your endeavors!  Here’s some recent pieces I’ve culled from the masses just for you 😀

Pick 1:  Goldroom – Fifteen (ft. Chela)

This track is bursting with bright and bubbly synth-work reminiscent 80’s popand a vocal track that is too catchy to miss.  [Look for a Jammie remix soon]

Pick 2:  Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court (Shook Remix)

This playful piece features interesting vocals with an instrumentation containing elements I can’t quite put my finger on, but it certainly strikes me.

**Bonus1:  Mellefresh vs Deadmau5 – Hey Baby (Starkillers & Dmitry Ko Club Mix)

I must point out this one gets a little dirty, but I love the relentless beat and when I’m grinding through work.

Well guys, have a great week and check back soon for some very exciting updates!

Until Next Time,



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