Dark Camel’s Touring Pockets

Greetings Jammies.  Welcome, yet again, to another exciting installment.  Today I’ve pondered the direction of my major within the computer sciences.  I’d like to share my line of thought with you.  First of all, the route chosen is data/network securities.  The reason for such is a simple yet powerful thought I have kept with me for sometime now.  Every wall, every lock, every form of security, no matter how complex/comprehensive, has a hole.  Of course in software this hole is digital, but my first inception of this concept, through the practice of lockpicking, was physical.  I was taught to understand every physical lock, no matter how finely machined, has an imperfection that can be fully utilized.  I’m not sure where I’m going with this but I find it interesting ^^.  Anyways, lets jam!

Pick 1:  Tours – Grand Lux

Stabbing vocal samples and a steady percussion track drive this track into the ethereal realm of inspiration.

Pick 2:  Team Cat Food – Dark Camel

Shifting and meandering emotions run throughout this Cat Food.  The Dark Camel rides on.

**Bonus1:  Empty Pockets – BITCshhh

Reminiscent of Black Moth Super Rainbow/Tobacco, this piece seems to drift in and out of itself.  Hello lazy summer.

I know you guys are doing your best out there, and if you’re not, pick it up ladies!

Until Next Time.


[POTD Compliments:  http://xxnightflower.deviantart.com/%5D


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