Dreams of the Mere

     Long time no speak Jammies!  Welcome back to another late installment of music and mischief.  Summer is quickly nearing its end as winter creeps closer.  In all honesty though, I don’t mind the cool breezes coming our way.  Its a refreshing change to the swampy rain we’ve been constantly inundated with.  Enough about weather though!  Music is the topic of today’s discussion so lets stick with it.

Within audio, visual art, and virtually any other artistic form there is a dynamic play between two forms; negative and positive [space].  The concept of such a thing transcends beyond the arts into the lofty realm of culture and spirituality (yin/yang-good/evil-etc).  For our purposes and simplicity’s sake, I will only be referencing the arts.  The framework for understanding and dissecting such a characteristic is better known as ‘composition.’   Every song, painting, photograph, or track is framed within a composition.  This could be the literal frame of a picture, its boundaries, or a phrase within a musical piece. Furthermore, Within the idea of a composition is encapsulated the careful play between negative and positive space.  Artists  try to create balance and symmetry between the two, but it is important to note that asymmetry is just as important, more-so in eastern art and composition.  In conclusion, take this understanding/lens of perception and critically analyze your surroundings.  What is empty?  What is full?  Where is the balance in this piece?  How is the artist attempting to achieve this balance?  Furthermore, and perhaps more abstractly, what kind of ‘weight’ does the artist impose on certain elements?

Take these concepts into that pretty little head of yours and analyze these:

Pick 1:  Lil’ B – NYU (Prod. by Emerald Ruins)

Smooth synthesizers drift like tides on the beach as the percussion track locks them into step.  Thank You Bass God.

Pick 2:  Reykjavik Swing Syndicate – Si Tu Vois Ma Mere

This stunning cover of Sidney Bechet truly does this piece justice.  Enjoy.

**Bonus1:  Aerial Pink – Only In My Dreams

A sweet little bonus from the lo-fi wizard himself, Aerial Pink.  I must say though, this song sounds like it belongs in a Wes Anderson film o_O

Until Next Time.


[POTD:  http://marionogueira.deviantart.com/]


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