Goldrooms and Shaken Cities

Welcome back Jammies!  Summer school and a recent trip to Manchester, TN’s Bonnaroo has kept me quite busy.  Fear not though, many a good tracks have been released recently and on top of that I am nearing the stage of initial releases for a new project.  Stay tuned as original PutYourJammiesOn remixes and mashes will be hitting this blog like gang busters very shortly.  I hope all is well with you guys and your efforts are bringing you ever closer to your endeavors!  Here’s some recent pieces I’ve culled from the masses just for you 😀

Pick 1:  Goldroom – Fifteen (ft. Chela)

This track is bursting with bright and bubbly synth-work reminiscent 80’s popand a vocal track that is too catchy to miss.  [Look for a Jammie remix soon]

Pick 2:  Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court (Shook Remix)

This playful piece features interesting vocals with an instrumentation containing elements I can’t quite put my finger on, but it certainly strikes me.

**Bonus1:  Mellefresh vs Deadmau5 – Hey Baby (Starkillers & Dmitry Ko Club Mix)

I must point out this one gets a little dirty, but I love the relentless beat and when I’m grinding through work.

Well guys, have a great week and check back soon for some very exciting updates!

Until Next Time,


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Motor Pistons and One Love

Good evening everybody!  Finals are over and this semester has ended.  Summer is slowly setting into our minds and moods and for some of us (myself included), summer school is right around the corner .  But, for your brief reprieve it is important to enjoy yourself and take advantage of quality time with friends and family!  If you haven’t already, take the downtown to take up an instrument, a language, or perhaps a sport.  Remember space cowboys/cowgirls, always take time for your own needs [BODY-MIND-SOUL].  Don’t forget, I believe in you.  🙂  Let us jam.

Pick 1:  Nujabes – Luv(Sic.) [Modal Soul Remix] ft. Shing02

Beautiful weaving melodies and rhythms compliment Shing’s whimsical wordplay.  RIP Nujabes (My Hero).

Pick 2:  Capeface – Drownin’

Capeface borrows some of James Blake’s nuances and establishes his own in this soulful wave.

**Bonus1:  Ratatat – One

Locked in step, Ratatat’s signature sound shines through (as always).

**Bonus2:  WaMoo Papez – Detroit Piston

Interesting synth work and well-placed stabs make WaMoo Papez banger a fitting tribute to the Motor City.

I hope you all have fun this summer.  I know I will 😀  Check back for more tunes always.

Until Next Time.



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Summer Heart and the Electric Head

Good day Jammies.  I’ve got some fresh new tracks for you to sink your teeth in this weekend!  Before we begin though, I must ask- what is freedom to you?  You can answer this for yourself, but within the context of the answer I would like you to consider the fact that the House just passed CISPA (SOPA’s runner up).

To me, this means a couple of important things.  A couple of these sobering points include the following: One- In a culture today (as earlier disccused, a remix culture) many of the things we do on youtube, in the music world, film, literature, etc will be considered illegal (or will incite govt. e-surveillance).  Two- The days and abilities of sharing that make this barrier reef-like society called the Internet will be severely if not completely hindered.  Three- Govt. power exhibits a rachet effect (meaning it is VERY DIFFICULT to gain back any of the freedoms you may LOSE through this legislation).  Please, consider all of these things.  Consider your friends, your favorite websites, your P2P sharing, your ipods, your hulu, your privacy, and your “everything internet related.”

– About CISPA  –

– CISPA Petition –        (775,000+ and counting)

– How CISPA Affects You –

It is up to YOU to make sure YOUR rights are protected.   The entertainment industry is based on a profit structure that is always growing and has no wishes to stop (as evident by this legislation).  At the end of the day it means less freedom and more accountability to you while the entertainment industry will experience higher potential profit margins (hypothetically) and the government will enjoy new abilities to exercise big brother surveillance.  Enjoy the music… while you can.

Pick 1:  Summer Heart – I Wanna Go

Pulsing rhythms and bright melodies compliment the sunshine on your face.

Pick 2:  Electric Guest – This Head I Hold

I was uncertain about picking this one, but it seems to compliment the track above.

**Bonus1:  3_6_Mafia & Young Buck & 8Ball & MJG vs. Dazz Band – Let it Stay Fly (Skratch Bastid Mash)

Whip this fly track… whip it good.

**Bonus2:  Purity Ring – Obedear

This new Purity Ring won’t dissapoint 😀

Until Next Time.



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Breakbots Love Sunshine

Buenos Dias Jammies!  Its a beautiful sun-soaked afternoon today and a wonderful time to enjoy some quality time outside.  Grab a friend, a basketball, a water-balloon, and a cold drink and soak up some much needed vitamin-D.  Now, I know some of you may say, “Francis… I drink my milk bro.  What would I need MORE vitamin D for?”  By Vitamin-D, I mean D for Dap and Dap for Dapper.  Get out there and put some shine on your soul.  Here’s some music to help.

Pick 1:  Kavinsky – Nightcall (Breakbot Remix)

Cool bass lines and a nu-disco groove make this a funky-fresh take on a recent hit-track.

Pick 2:  BadBadNotGood – Limit To Your Love (James Blake Cover)

This cover is a well thought out extrapolation of another old hit.

Finally, I’d like to end with a bonus provided by Young Steezy  <3.  This classic pulsing beat from Chemical Brothers seems to share a resonance with the hum of the universe… at least that’s how I feel.

**Bonus1:  Chemical Brothers – The Sunshine Underground (Extended Cut)

Here is a video to compliment the vibe:

Until Next Time.


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Domesticated Ruins

Welcome.  Time for some freestyle free-verse foreplay.  Lets roll.


Visualizing nothing, you may stand upon the horizon of this reality.  A metaphorical sky and earth give way to velvety curtains called something and nothing.  The distance between you is as meaningless as the reference itself.  It is what some would call strange but you could really never call it anything- words fail.  What is it?  Who am I?  Who cares?

A spark snaps in this void and it bleeds.

The rest is history.


I suppose it doesn’t need to make sense, at least its not required.  I use words to meditate sometimes, except ideally I’m supposed to use… nothing.  If I had to explain that free-verse I’d say its a mash-up between experiencing the event-horizon of a black hole and The Flaming Lips The Spark That Bled symbolizing life’s ability to make something from nothing (or at-least in respects to pre-Big Bang).  Enough existentialism.  Lets listen to some tunes!

Pick 1:  TEAM CAT FOOD – Domesticated

Stay.  Just a little bit longer.

Pick 2:  Emerald Ruins – Stay

Icy shores of Kublah-Kahn.

**Bonus1:  Doom Tree – The Bully Plank

Interesting keys and a solid percussion track make this triumphant tune a breath of fresh air.

**Bonus2:  Burt Bacharach – South American Getaway (Lockseur Remix)

An addition to the previous post’s mention of the original Butch Cassidy piece, this remix fits the feel of my free-verse above (Sorry, you need to open in SoundCloud to hear).

Until Next Time.



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